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About the search for paint in minced meat

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  • About the search for paint in minced meat

Thanks to recent research, the impact of food on human health is now known by everyone. This sensitivity to food is sometimes used to manipulate people intentionally or unintentionally, and therefore the truths / mistakes are confused.

In recent days, the use of paint in foods, especially for minced meat, can be described as an experiment with images that can be expressed in the idea of ​​whether there is paint in the product.

In order for any study to be an experiment or analysis, it must be based on a certain reference or standard. Therefore, you must have a reference for what you do to be a scientific fact. This fact should be remembered for food and any other scientific study.

Regarding the search for paint in food, there is no comment on the presence or absence of paint as a result of food contact with water.

Particularly in oil-containing products such as ground beef, sausage, salami, it is extracted with ether and the oil is completely removed. The sample is then weighed and boiled by adding some chemicals (KHSO4).
By using wool rope, the presence of the dye is determined by determining whether the dye passes to the wool rope, if any.
As it is seen, after many operations are performed, it is clear whether there is artificial paint or not.
It is not scientific to determine the presence of paint by mixing only water and ground beef.
Consulting food analysis laboratories for such situations will avoid confusion.

Hope to stay in the way of science.

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