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Accelerated Shelf Life Tests in Cosmetic Products

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  • Accelerated Shelf Life Tests in Cosmetic Products

Accelerated shelf life tests are carried out in artificial environments with temperature and humidity outside of normal sales and consumption conditions. After accelerated aging tests, necessary physical, microbial and chemical analyzes are performed on the product and information about the stability of the product is obtained.

Temperature and times vary from product to product in accelerated aging tests.

At the end of the holding period, the products are analyzed physically, microbiologically and chemically by subjecting them to color, odor, appearance, pH, weight change, viscosity, microbial load, antimicrobial efficacy and packaging tests, if necessary, according to international analysis methods.

In accelerated aging studies, if any negativity occurs in the test results of the analysis parameters determined according to the type of the product, it should be understood that the products cannot maintain their stability during the foreseen shelf life and the manufacturer should make some differences in both the product content and the packaging.

Accelerated Aging Tests are the tests required to prevent potential problems that may arise in the product and to prevent material and moral losses.

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