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"Accelerated Stability Test" in Medical Materials

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  • "Accelerated Stability Test" in Medical Materials

"ASTM F1980" is a method used for accelerated shelf life testing in medical products.

The temperature that the product can withstand according to its structure and packaging features and its real-time shelf life are calculated, and the rapid aging time of the product is found.

For the stability test in the "ASTM F 1980 standard", it is recommended to perform the test temperature at 60 ° C and below.

For the test, the softening temperature of the packaging material and a temperature below the temperature that may cause any kind of deterioration in the product should be selected.

Although the temperature of the environment used in the calculation is generally considered as 22 ° C, if the product is to be sold in a place with higher temperatures, the ambient temperature can be taken between "25-30 ° C".

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