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Accelerated Stability Tests for Biocidal Products

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  • Accelerated Stability Tests for Biocidal Products

Accelerated stability tests in biocidal products are carried out for 14 days at 54 ± 2 ° C.

If the product can be damaged above 50 ° C, the time and temperature values specified in the table "Table -2" can be used for the stability test and duration.

Table -2-

Temperature ±2 Cº Duration ( week)
54 2
50 4
45 6
40 8
35 12
30 18


The contents of the active substances are analyzed by physical tests before and after the accelerated stability test. The active substance tolerance value may vary depending on what the substance is.

Another point that should not be forgotten is that accelerated stability tests cannot be performed for biocidal products degraded above 30 ° C.


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