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Accelerated Stability Tests of Biocidals

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  • Accelerated Stability Tests of Biocidals

Accelerated stability test results are used to give an indication that the biocidal product will be stable over a two-year shelf life.

Accelerated stability is also regarded as an indicator of the stability of the biocidal product when exposed to a temperature higher than optimum temperatures.

Accelerated stability tests in biocidal products are performed at 54 ± 2 ºC for 14 days. If the product can be damaged above 50ºC, a lower temperature value can be used. However, it should be taken into account that the time will be longer in this case.

For example, at 54ºC, 14 days of analysis, when the temperature is 40ºC, the time increases up to 8 weeks.

In the stability studies, before and after storage, the physical and chemical properties related to the active substance content of the biocidal product are determined.

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