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ISO 17025 standard is the accreditation standard of laboratories. Since laboratory accreditation exists in almost all laboratories, it is now important that the analysis is accredited alongside the laboratory.

Accreditation of the analysis means that the accreditation requirements are fulfilled in all transactions of the analysis.

The most important difference between whether an analysis is accredited or not is a validation study and calculation of measurement uncertainty for that analysis.

Validation and measurement uncertainty studies provide clear information about accuracy, precision and compliance with limit values ​​for that analysis.

If the accredited analysis laboratory is accredited in an analysis, there is a validation and uncertainty of measurement for that analysis.

The accuracy of the analysis is checked by entering proficiency tests for each accredited analysis.

Internal quality controls of the accredited analysis are carried out and the accuracy of the analysis is continuously checked.

The devices used for analysis must be checked for any deviation when calibrating.

The accredited analysis laboratory should also define personnel competencies and staff requirements for the accredited analysis and identify which personnel are competent on which instrument and analysis.

SANITER, the first private laboratory accredited by Türkak in turkey is always by your side as an accredited laboratory for analysis. If you have any questions or problems about the analysis, you can email

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