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For a very long tiime, a valuable material has been adulterated by adding a worthless material. Unfortunately, adulteration is also done in the foods we eat with pleasure.

The economic value of meat and meat products increases adulteration rate.

The inclusion of horses and donkeys, chicken and turkey and pigs in meat and meat products poses a threat to economic, health and religious beliefs and should be identified and prevented. Adulteration in products such as kebab, minced meat, sausage, salami is also an easy situation in terms of application.

In our laboratory, whether meat and meat products are mixed with horse and donkey meat can be analyzed on Real Time PCR device by using "Sure Food Animal ID Horse" kit.

Searching for pork DNA in meat and meat products can be analyzed on a Real time PCR using the "Bosphore Species Identification Kit Pork v1" kit.

Whether meat and products are mixed in chicken and turkey can be reliably analyzed by Real Time PCR using "Animal Bosphore®Species Identification Kit Turkey-Chicken v1".

In the meat and meat products, horse and donkey DNA search, chicken and turkey DNA search and pig DNA search analyzes are within the scope of TS EN / ISO 17025 TÜRKAK accreditation and the analyzes are accredited.

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