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Aflatoxin Formation

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Aflatoxin can be formed in various products due to product processing steps such as drying, storage. It is also possible for aflatoxin to form in the field.

The first condition of aflatoxin formation is that the spores of molds that cause this toxin formation are transmitted to the foodstuff. If spores become vegetative and multiply after transmission, the risk of toxin formation begins. There is a possibility of aflatoxin formation in every foodstuff where molds can develop.

Relative humidity and temperature are important parameters in the development of aflatoxins. Optimum conditions for the development of aflatoxigenic molds are 24–35 C and relative humidity above 70%.

Aflatoxin contamination can occur rapidly. In a study, A. flavus inoculated plants, two days after 0.3–2 ppb, four days after 950–2.800 ppb and seven days after 3.600–4.500 ppb was reported to be the presence of aflatoxin.

In particular, it is very difficult to remove soil contact products from mold. Therefore, what needs to be done here is to prevent the development of mold spores in the product.

In order to prevent the growth of mold spores, instead of 24 ° C –35 ° C, it may be a solution to cool down (+ 10 ° C) or to reduce the moisture content suddenly and allow the product to dry in a very short time.

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