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Aflatoxin in Hazelnut

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Molds called Aspergillus flavus and Aspergillus parasiticus in hazelnuts cause lat aflatoxin formation which is toxic to humans.

Aflatoxin may result from product processing steps such as drying, storage.

The first condition of aflatoxin formation is the contamination of mold spores that cause this toxin formation to food. It is especially difficult to remove products that come into contact with soil from mold. Therefore, what should be done here; to prevent the development of mold spores in the product.

During sun drying, aflatoxin may form in the first 6-10 days when water activity is high.

In addition, the total number of molds increases in cases of heavy rainfall. For this reason, especially in rainy weather, hazelnuts that have fallen to the ground must be prevented for a long time.

The formation of aflotoxin in hazelnut must be prevented for the continuity of the quality of Turkish hazelnut which is one of the leading export products of our country and holds a very important place.

For this purpose, the following points must be observed.

1- Weeds should be destroyed 1-2 weeks before harvest.

2- Harvest maturity and spontaneously pouring nuts on the ground should be collected immediately without waiting on the ground.

3- Harvested hazelnuts in jute sacks should be brought to threshing on the same day. Nylon bags should not be used for this process.

4- Grain nuts should not be in contact with soil and should be protected from rain. An arbor-shaped nylon cover should be covered.

5- Zuruflu hazelnuts should be faded in concrete blends in the sun for 1-2 days and then given to the pathos.

6- Drying of hazelnuts separated from slag should be done in clean concrete harmony. In non-concrete blends, hazelnut contact with soil should be prevented. This should be done using cloth or jute awning.

7- The cloth covered on the hazelnuts allowed to dry should not be covered directly on the hazelnuts. The cover should be covered with a 30 cm high pergola.

8- Dried shelled hazelnuts should not be taken to the market immediately, they should be stored in moisture-free, clean and ventilated warehouses.

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