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Alcohol Amount in Alcohol-Based Disinfectants

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  • Alcohol Amount in Alcohol-Based Disinfectants

When the alcohol ratio in alcohol-based disinfectants used as disinfectants is "70% in density", it can show the expected effect.

Pure alcohol is commonly sold at "95% concentration". If alcohol is used in its pure form, there is an extra cost by making an average of 25% unnecessary consumption, and this ratio of alcohol evaporates faster than 70% alcohol and stays on the skin for a shorter time.

Another negative aspect of a disinfectant that uses alcohol at this rate is that it causes more skin irritation. The more dangerous thing that can arise with alcohol-based disinfectants is the use of methyl alcohol instead of ethyl alcohol in these types of products.

Products using methyl alcohol can cause much more serious health problems. A suitable alcohol-based disinfectant should contain "ethyl alcohol" at "70%". And, it should not contain any methyl alcohol.


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