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"Alveograph Analysis" of Flour

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  • "Alveograph Analysis" of Flour

"Alveograph analysis" is a flour analysis that examines the resistance of dough under air pressure. This analysis takes place as a result of the balloon bursting after the dough has been ballooned by air pressure.

During this process, a graph is obtained on the alveograph device. On this graph, the quality parameters of flour: resistance (P), extensibility (L) and energy value (W) are calculated. These features play an important role in the classification of flours.

As a result, alveograph analysis, which is an important criterion for flour, consists of cutting the dough prepared with salt, water and flour under constant conditions and inflating the dough pieces, which are shaped for a certain period of time, then inflated by giving air, and thus determining the resistance of the dough against elongation. is described.

Producers can determine the quality of the flour in the bakery products they produce thanks to this analysis.

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