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Analysis of Detergent Residue in Medical Products

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  • Analysis of Detergent Residue in Medical Products

Remains such as oil etc. remain on medical materials, especially those with metal structures resembling implants. And for this reason, it is necessary to use detergent.

In cases where detergent is used, it is necessary to determine whether this detergent is in the final product. This analysis, which is part of the cleaning validation, is the analysis of the detergent residue.

As a result of "detergent residue analysis", it is determined whether there is detergent in the product or not. In this sense, the washing process should also be controlled.

When all these requirements are met, it is expected that there will be no detergent residue in the product. It will be appropriate for companies that use cleaning products in the washing process to have a "Detergent Residue Test".

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