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Analysis of Oil Grease and Detergent Residues in Medical Materials and Related Products

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  • Analysis of Oil Grease and Detergent Residues in Medical Materials and Related Products

With the advancing technology, new materials are produced that will positively affect human health and their adaptation to the human body is ensured. Although these materials are compatible with the human body, the conditions during production and the properties of the final sample to be adapted to the human are also important. Therefore, cleaning and washing validation is seen in these materials.

The oil used for cutting large parts, the polish used to make the materials appear even brighter (some of which contains oil), the remaining oil residues in untreated and unwashed materials must be identified and removed from the sample. For this purpose, the samples should be cleaned by washing with appropriate chemical and appropriate temperature; the cleaned samples should be checked for residues; If necessary, cleaning conditions should be continued until the washing conditions are changed and proper results are obtained. In addition to this, it should be checked whether the residues of the chemical (detergent) used for cleaning of the residues of oil have been removed. Detergent residues may remain on the sample if more than enough detergent is used or if there is insufficient rinsing. Considering that both the oil and detergent remain on the sample and most of the samples are used in the human body, all residues must be cleaned and the washing process controlled.

We provide all kinds of technical support services related to Turkey in the medical equipment and related products in the oil and grease detergent residue analysis in winning the right to be the first company accredited as oil and grease, detergent residue analysis and the washing process. You can contact us for more information.

Büşra Gökdemir
Chemical Engineer
Saniter Chemistry Laboratory Responsible

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