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Antibacterial products, which are becoming more and more important day by day, have to be subjected to a number of tests before they are placed on the market. Antibacterial efficacy tests are at the top of these tests. What is the purpose of this test?

First of all, it is necessary to define the antibacterial. Antibacterial agent is defined as the agent that prevents the growth of bacteria on the surface of the products through the use of antibacterial surface application.

It is observed that antibacterial plastics have been introduced to the market especially in recent days.

Therefore, antibacterial efficacy assay analysis should also be performed in accordance with standard methods.

In our laboratory, antibacterial activity test is accredited according to ISO 22196 method. The general purpose of the method and analysis is to evaluate whether the product has antibacterial effects by contaminating the products claimed to be antibacterial with microorganisms and looking at the logarithmic calculations of the results at the beginning and final stages of the analysis. What is important here is to calculate the logarithmic values, not the percentage values ​​of the bacteria.

If you want to have information about the evaluation of antibacterial activity activity in your products and to get information about the subject, you can contact our laboratory.

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