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Antibacterial Effectiveness Tests on Surfaces and Materials

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  • Antibacterial Effectiveness Tests on Surfaces and Materials

Today, products forming a protective barrier against microorganisms are gaining importance due to the COVID-19 outbreak.In particular, the antibacterial properties of these types of surfaces have become popular due to the contamination of microorganisms from the contacted equipment and surfaces.

Antibacterial effectiveness test on these types of surfaces is carried out according to the "ISO 22196" standard. In all materials that do not absorb water such as plastic, glass, antibacterial effectiveness test can be performed with this standard.

With this standard, it is tested whether the product has antibacterial properties for at least two bacteria. Testing can also be carried out for bacteria that are specifically desired to be cared for.

If antibacterial effectiveness test is desired in textile materials etc., "ISO 20743" standard is used.


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