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Are Alcohol Based Disinfectants We Use Reliable?

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  • Are Alcohol Based Disinfectants We Use Reliable?

Due to the Coronavirus outbreak occurring all over the world, alcohol based disinfectants have been used frequently. However, there are frequent reports of disinfectants that have been ineffective due to the difficulty in the presence of alcohol recently, either because they are fake or because of the low alcohol content in them.

Alcohols frequently used in hand antisepsis are effective at a density of 60-90% (optimal 70%). Undiluted alcohol is generally sold at a density of 95%. If alcohol is used in its pure form, both 25% unnecessary consumption is made on average and evaporates faster than 70% alcohol and it stays on the skin for a shorter period of time. Besides that, it causes more skin irritation is another negative effect of it.

In addition, another more dangerous point is the use of methyl alcohol instead of ethyl alcohol in these types of products. Products using methyl alcohol pose a risk of causing much more serious health problems.

In summary, a suitable alcohol-based disinfectant should contain an optimal 70% ethyl alcohol. Disinfectant should not contain methyl alcohol.

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