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Attention to Food Poisoning

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Food poisoning: It is a disease that occurs as a result of consumption of foods and beverages and affects human health due to the deterioration of nutrient contents. It is one of the most common diseases. In order for people to be healthy, regular and balanced nutrition is not enough. Foods taken and consumed from outside should not threaten human health and should be safe.
No matter how much we try to pay attention, in some cases, unfortunately, we cannot do anything.

Food poisoning is usually caused by consumption of products contaminated with bacteria or toxins. In some cases, toxins and pesticides from chemicals also cause poisoning.

Although it is generally referred to as food poisoning among the public, it is useful to examine it separately as the causes of poisoning are different.

Foodborne infections: A type of disease that affects human health as a result of the presence of enteropathogenic bacteria or viruses in foods and water and the consumption of products containing them.
Foodborne microbial intoxications: These are toxic effects caused by the growth of pathogenic bacteria or molds in food and water by the ingestion of the toxins they produce.
Microorganisms that cause poisoning need proper conditions for their reproduction.

Each microorganism needs appropriate temperature, humidity, pH a, oxygen (some bacteria are suitable for oxygen-free environment) for its reproduction according to the species and, of course, once these environments are provided, the microorganisms need sufficient time to become dangerous.

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