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Attention to Meat and Meat Products

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In the food sector, every product group and almost every product is admitted. Trash is meant to disrupt the naturalness of a product by mixing it with something else and to produce a product contrary to the legislation. Gıdaların doğallığını bozan yani etiketinde beyan edilen maddelerden farklı maddelerin gıdaya katılmasını tanımlayan bir hiledir tağşiş. Examples of foods that can be adorned are meat and dairy products, vegetable oils, alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, chocolates, energy drinks, coffees, honeys, spices.

In meat products, adulterations are mostly observed in minced meat. The most known minced meat is made by producing red meat by adding red paint after passing the meat, bone, fat, skin, offal, foot, nail, head parts of poultry, which are cheaper, such as chicken and turkey, through the meat grinder. Another adulteration is to obtain the meat and offal of animals that we do not consume under normal conditions such as horses, donkeys and pigs in a meat grinder by mixing them with food coloring. Especially in products such as salami and sausages, it is necessary to pay more attention to the issue of adulteration and to pay attention to the inspections of the manufacturers.

Meatballs and tricks to be made in meatballs can be easily covered with spices and food coloring, but analysis by molecular methods allows us to easily detect the meatballs. In the analysis of adulteration in meat products, it can be determined by laboratories today whether another animal is mixed with minced meat or meat. These analyzes are carried out quickly and reliably in our laboratory.

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