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Bioburden Analysis in Medical Products

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  • Bioburden Analysis in Medical Products

Bioburden refers to the population of living microorganisms on products or protective systems.

Bioburden analysis basically consists of 3 processes.

1. Removal / removal of microorganisms from the product (place)

2.Inclusion of microorganisms into culture medium (transfer to solid medium)

3.Counting of microorganisms

It is important that the selected product represents the biologically desired product group.

When choosing products for Bioburden, the entire product should be used for practical analysis.

Therefore, the dimensions of the product should also be taken into consideration when selecting the product.

If a certain quantity of the product to be analyzed is to be separated from the product, this should be carried out in a controlled environment.

To avoid contamination, this should be done in the Laminar Air Flow or Safety Cabinet.

The purpose of bioburden analysis is to determine the number of microorganisms on medical devices used for medical purposes before sterilization.

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