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"Burkholderia Cepacia Analysis" in Cosmetics

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  • "Burkholderia Cepacia Analysis" in Cosmetics

"Burkholderia cepacia" is a complex, group of 17 species of bacteria. It is an important, opportunistic pathogenic bacterium that can cause high levels of death, especially in hospitalized patients with suppressed immune systems.

The diseases it causes are mainly urinary tract infections and respiratory tract infections. 

Disinfectants used in hospitals can stay alive for a long time and even reproduce, so the disinfectants used in these places require attention.

Creams, lotions, shampoos, etc. cosmetic products used in hospitalized patients should be used more carefully and care should be taken to avoid contamination. The absence of "Burkholderia cepacia" in this type of product is more important.

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