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"Burkholderia Cepacia Analysis" of Disinfectants and Cosmetics

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  • "Burkholderia Cepacia Analysis" of Disinfectants and Cosmetics

Burkholderia cepacia is a complex and a group of 17 distinct species. It is known to be an important opportunistic pathogen that causes high levels of mortality, especially in hospitalized, immunocompromised patients. It can cause many infections, especially urinary tract infections and respiratory tract infections.

B.cepacia can survive for a long time and even multiply in disinfectants used in hospitals as a complex. Therefore, disinfectant manufacturers should pay attention to this issue.

Especially if individuals with low immune system use a cosmetic product or disinfectant contaminated with "Burkholderia cepacia", infection may occur in the person.

For this reason, creams, lotions, shampoos, etc. used especially in hospitalized patients. More care should be taken with cosmetic products and disinfectants.

The absence of "Burkholderia cepacia" in this type of product is more important.

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