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Chicken Poisoning

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Chicken is classified as "perishable food" due to its structure. For this reason, chickens must be transported and stored without breaking the cold chain.

For this reason, it will be more appropriate to buy chicken as the last time for shopping.

Chicken must be cooked extremely well due to the risk of pathogenic bacteria such as Salmonella. When cooking, make sure that the core temperature in the chicken is above 72 degrees.

If necessary, it should be checked with a thermometer. Chicken taken out of the freezer and cooked should not be put back into the freezer again.

Since raw chicken contains a large number of bacteria, its contact with cooked chicken should be prevented and cross contamination should not be allowed.

Both raw and cooked products should not be processed at the same counter. If an equipment (knife, cutting board, etc.) used in a raw food is to be reused, it must be used in a cooked product after it has been thoroughly washed.

In summary, good cooking, proper storage and attention to hygiene cause serious infections; it will even prevent food poisoning that can lead to death.


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