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Considerations for Storing Sacrificial Meat

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  • Considerations for Storing Sacrificial Meat

Due to the upcoming Feast of Sacrifice, the consumption of meat will increase and it is important for the public health to apply the right slaughter conditions for the victim and to maintain the meat with the right storage conditions.

The high number of slaughtering during the Eid al-Adha feast leads to slaughtering in inappropriate conditions. This situation leads to many problems in the preservation and consumption of meat after slaughter. It should be ensured that sacrificial slaughtering is performed in safe conditions in a way that does not create health risk and risk controls should be performed at every stage. It is very important that the slaughter be done at the points indicated by the authorities, that the animals selected as sacrificial animals have ear tags indicating that they are registered in the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock, that the slaughtering and shredding process is not performed on the soil and that the meat is properly preserved until consumed.

After the meat is slaughtered, the blood of the animal should be shed very well. Harmful microorganisms reproduce quickly in the meat of the animal whose blood is not shed well and the meat deteriorates quickly. After slaughtering the sacrificial meat, the pieces should be laid in a cool place that does not see the sun and the first resting should be done. If you don't want to eat meat like rubber for a long time, you should pay attention to this rest. The meat, which falls to room temperature in 3-5 hours, should be put in the refrigerator.

For healthy storage of sacrificial meat:

The meats should be frozen in small portions in single cooked portions, considering the number of people in the household. Greaseproof paper or refrigerator bags can be used to freeze meat. It should not be placed in the freezer in the stack and should be placed in the lower rows in the freezer. When removed from the freezer, the meat should not be dissolved at room temperature. Thawing should be done in the refrigerator.

* Care should be taken when placing raw meat with cooked meat on the shelves, raw meat should be placed at the bottom. Care should be taken to ensure that raw broth does not mix with other cooked products.

* Refrigerated meat can be stored at -2 0C for 1 week at most, while it can be stored in deep freezer at -18 0C for 4-6 months.
* If the meat is stored in pieces instead of mincing, vitamin losses will be less.
* Meats should be removed from the freezer the day before and should be thawed in the refrigerator. If it is to be cooked in a hurry, a microwave with a thawing program can also be used.
* Cooking methods are as important as meat preservation methods and duration. Meats, barbecues and grills to be made to prevent the formation of combustion products should be cooked, should not be left at the end of cooking should be careful.

As Saniter, we recommend that our people take into account the warnings stated in order to have a healthy holiday.

We sincerely congratulate all of our people on Eid al-Adha.

xGürkan Aksux
Saniter Surveillance Services Department Responsible

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