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Covid-19 - Does It Smear From Food?

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  • Covid-19 - Does It Smear From Food?

According to CDC data and studies conducted to date, to date, there is no information that COVID-19 is contaminated from food, including raw foods.

Recently, there are images that show that cleaning agents such as detergents and soaps are used in cleaning of raw foods, especially on social media. Similar events such as washing raw foods such as raw chicken and raw meat with bleach are also experienced abroad.

Cleaning of chemicals with chemicals is extremely dangerous. It is inevitable that cleaning materials remaining as food residue cause chemical poisoning.

It will be sufficient to clean and cook food according to food safety and hygiene sanitation rules, and act according to proper cooling and hygienic storage conditions. It is sufficient to clean raw foods with water or vinegar as usual.

The vast majority of chemicals used for cleaning are chemicals that pose a risk of poisoning.

To avoid such situations, foods should never be washed with cleaning agents. In case of possible poisoning with chemicals, "National Poison Center" (National Poison Information Center-UZEM, Telephone: 114) should be called.


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