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Covid-19 Precautions in Gyms

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  • Covid-19 Precautions in Gyms

In addition to paying attention to our personal hygiene to prevent contamination of the corona virus, which is effective today, environmental hygiene is one of the most basic elements of ensuring sanitation.

Considering the risks that may occur with the introduction of gyms in the new controlled process, it is of great importance to take and implement measures for Covid-19 within the fcility.

Precautions To Be Taken In Sports Halls:

Arrangements should be made in areas where sports will be performed, one person every 6 m2.

Since the droplet speed is high in people doing sports activities, there should be at least 2 meters distance between customers and employees in order to prevent contamination.

Bicycles, treadmills, etc. in the area. It should be positioned at least 2 meters between the instruments.
Customers should be admitted with an appointment system to prevent contamination.

To prevent crowd formation in the gym, the door should be arranged in a way to prevent entrance inside (warning plate, warning tape, red pontoon etc.).

The entry-exit times of the customers coming to the business should be recorded.

Foot pedal trash cans should be kept at the entrance and exit of the sports halls and they should be emptied in certain periods.

In addition to the contracts of the members, articles containing reservation procedures and measures to be taken regarding Covid-19 should be added.

Those over the age of 65, together with those with chronic conditions, can be found in care centers, prisons, nursing homes etc. It is recommended that people who work in their fields should not be present in sports fields since there is a risk of Covid-19 transmission.

Wrestling, boxing, etc. Team sports that provide close contact should not be done. In individual non-contact training, the distance should be maintained to be at least 2 meters between people.

A mask must be worn in sports areas. There should be no masked personnel or customers. N95 / FFP2 masks should not be used, cloth mask should be preferred.

The café-style places that provide food and beverage services within the enterprise are located in T.C. The Ministry of Health should serve according to the guide published by it. However, eating and drinking activities should not be carried out in the gym.

Disinfectant wipes approved by the Ministry of Health should be kept with the exercises.Guests should not be accepted to the gym.

Customer should not be kept waiting in the gm other than exercise breaks.

It should be easy to access hand wash sink, hand soap, disinfectant and disposable paper towel in order to wash the customer's hands in the gym.

Magazines, newspapers, etc. in common areas and rest areas within the enterprise. common means of use should not be available.

Disposable materials must be available within the enterprise. If textile equipment that can be washed instead of disposable material is used, it should be washed at least 60 ° C.

Weight training and treadmill areas should be separated to prevent contamination.

Contactless payments should be made as much as possible from the customers and disinfection of the vehicles used for payment after each contact with 70% alcohol.

If a person is actively doing sports in the weight training area, the second person should be prevented from doing sports in the same area. After one person's sport is completed, after the equipment is disinfected to be effective, the other person should be allowed to enter the area.

The points that are in contact with the hand and body of all moving and stationary devices in the gym should be disinfected after each guest. Warning signs / banners related to the application should be hung visibly at different points in the area and sound announcements should be made.

Precautions to be Taken for Customers in Sports Halls;

Customer acceptance to the business must be made by appointment.

The fever of the customer coming to the establishment should be measured primarily and the people whose body temperature is above 38.00C should be prevented from entering the establishment.
Social distance between customers and employees must be maintained.

Hand disinfectant should be available at the entrance and in the gym, within easy reach of the customer. In addition, it is recommended that the customer uses shoe covers at the entrance of the facility, if possible, it is recommended to choose clean shoes that are used only in the sports area.

Brochures, sheets etc. informations containing the rules to be followed for Covid-19 should be kept in the way that the customer can see at the entrance and in all areas.

The distance between persons in all areas of the enterprise must be at least 2 meters and must be observed.

As a result of checks performed by customers, it has been determined that there is a runny nose, fever, cough, breathing difficulties or if one of the symptoms is not accepted, it should be ensured that a mask is worn and directed to the health institution.

Customers are required to take their own sports mat and towels. If the towels are provided by the enterprise, it should be ensured that they are presented to the customers in bags. If the sports mats of the enterprise will be used, the mat surface must be disinfected after each use.

Customers should be provided with masks in the enterprise. Before entering the sports hall, it is necessary to wear a mask and use cloth masks if possible.

"N95 / FFP2 masks" should not be used during the training.

It should not touch the surfaces as much as possible in the gym. Effective disinfection should be determined by determining the points of intensive contact of the customer. Customers should use hand disinfectant after contact.

Eating and drinking activities should not be performed in sports areas.

Precautions To Be Taken For Personnel Working In Sports Halls:

All working personnel should be informed about the causes of Covid-19 contamination and how to take action.

The fire control of the employees should be done during the entrance to the enterprise. The person who will perform the fire control must have a mask and a face shield. Measurements should be recorded.
If the measured temperature is 38 degrees and above, the person should wear a medical mask and be directed to the health institution.
Planning should be made so that there is a minimum working order within the enterprise.

Medical masks are required for employees. The mask should be changed as a result of moistening or getting wet and a new mask should be worn. Hands should be washed and disinfected effectively before and after each mask change.
Employees need to pay attention to hand hygiene. Wash your hands for at least 20 seconds and after drying the hands with a disposable towel, hand hygiene should be provided by using alcohol-based hand disinfectant.

In the resting and working areas, there should be a distance of at least 1 meter between the personnel and continue to wear a mask while they are together.

Cleaning, Disinfection and Ventilation Elements in Sports Halls:

Cleaning and disinfection should be done regularly in the sports halls every day. Cleaning and disinfection should be provided more frequently in areas that are used extensively. No customer acceptance and general cleaning should be performed for one hour during the hours they serve.

Wiping with damp mat and damp cloth should be preferred for cleaning floors and surfaces. Brushing or sweeping should not be done to create particles in the air of the environment.

In the cleaning of sports halls, especially the frequently touched surfaces should be cleaned and disinfected in accordance with the standards.

Equipment used in cleaning needs to be defined by area. Equipment should be cleaned properly after each use (textile cleaning equipment should be washed at 600 degrees), and it should be ensured that it is kept dry by disinfection.

Informative hand washing instructions and rules to be applied to prevent Covid-19 contamination should be kept hanging in the toilets. Hand hygiene, alcohol-based hand disinfectant and disposable paper towels should be available for hand hygiene. Air-blown hand dryers should not be used to prevent contamination.

Dressing cabinets and shower areas should be cleaned and disinfected after every customer.

The personnel working in cleaning within the enterprise should work using masks and gloves. When the cleaning process is finished, the gloves and mask should be thrown in the garbage bin with pedal cover inside the hall.

In establishments with central ventilation systems for effective ventilation in sports halls, system maintenance should be done by the manufacturer and the filters should be controlled.

No air conditioner or ventilator should be used. If possible, natural ventilation can be provided.

With the opening of the gymnasiums on June 1, 2020, the above rules and precautions should be taken into consideration and the company should be provided with proper service.


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