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Covid-19 - Things to Watch Out While Shopping

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  • Covid-19 - Things to Watch Out While Shopping

There are many important points to be considered when shopping and after shopping in places like markets, etc.

The most important thing is to pay attention to the social distance with people during shopping. This distance should be at least 1 meter. If there is another person in the same department during shopping, the distance of 1 meter must be maintained with that person.

You should act as quickly as possible during shopping.

One of the most important points to be considered during shopping is the points that are contacted. It should be remembered that each contact surface will pose a risk for COVID-19. For this reason, hand hygiene should be paid attention during shopping and hands should never be applied to mouth, nose and eyes if any surface is touched.

Although there is no scientific data about how long the external shopping bags and similar packages are kept in a certain place, it is important to put such bags in a corner on the balcony without touching them anywhere and immediately wash the hands with soap water for 20 seconds.

If viruses are found on any surface, such as plastic, cardboard, and even if this virus is adhered to the surface, there is no contamination from these surfaces by inhalation.

Do not forget! Infection of the virus from dirty surfaces is possible only if you touch your mouth, nose and eyes with your dirty hands.


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