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Food Nutritional Value (Energy) Calculation

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  • Food Nutritional Value (Energy) Calculation

Considering that the food contained in food or food additives will be transformed into energy in humans or living things; the energy content of food additives or feed and feed ingredients must be determined.

With the latest regulations, it is mandatory to calculate the energy of all packaged foods. Before making this calculation, protein, moisture, ash, fat and dietary fiber analysis should be done in accordance with the sample matrix.

After performing these analyzes on the sample, it is calculated according to the "Atwater General Factor System" method.

The following calculation formula is used for carbohydrate and energy calculation in the sample.

Carbohydrate = 100- (moisture + fat + protein + ash)

Energy (kcal) = (Fat x 9) + (Protein x 4) + [(Carbohydrate-Diet fiber) x 4]

1 kJ = 0.239 kcal

1kcal = 4.184 kJ

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