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Foods at Risk for "Aflatoxin"

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  • Foods at Risk for "Aflatoxin"

Aflatoxin is a type of toxin that can occur in products due to product processing stages such as drying and storage. Due to the risk of carcinogens, the products should not be above certain limits.

In order for this toxin to occur in foods, the spores of the molds (Aspergillus genus molds) that cause it must be contaminated with the foodstuff. If, after infection, the spores become vegetative and begin to multiply, the possibility of toxin formation will increase.

There is a possibility of aflatoxin formation in every food item where molds can grow. However, in terms of the "Contaminants Regulation", in particular, peanuts and other oil seeds, almonds, pistachios, hazelnuts, nuts, dried fruits, cereals, corn, rice and red pepper/black pepper such as spices.

Relative humidity and temperature are important factors in the development of aflatoxins. In particular, it is very difficult to remove mold from products that come into contact with the soil.

Therefore, what needs to be done here is to prevent the development of mold spores before they reproduce in the product. Therefore, moldy products should never be consumed.

In order to prevent the growth of mold spores, instead of 24°C –35°C, it should be kept in a colder environment (+10°C) or the moisture content should be reduced suddenly and the product should dry in a very short time.

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