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For Which Sectors Is Methyl Alcohol Analysis Necessary?

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  • For Which Sectors Is Methyl Alcohol Analysis Necessary?

Methyl alcohol (also known as methanol) is a very dangerous substance due to its chemical structure. This chemical, which is colorless and has a slightly sweet odor, can cause serious health problems if not used properly or exposed to the human body. Therefore, methyl alcohol analysis is an important safety measure.

Methyl Alcohol Analysis

It has a light, pungent odor. It is a volatile and colorless substance. Pure methyl alcohol also has an odor very similar to alcohol. Methyl alcohol, which dissolves in acetone and chloroform and whose vapor is heavier than air, is a liquid substance that is completely miscible with water.

Today, methyl alcohol, which is used in the cosmetics industry and industrial products, is analyzed practically in laboratories. The fact that it can be used in the production of illegal perfumes as well as illegally produced drinks has led to a greater need for methyl alcohol diagnosis and determination studies.

Harms of Methyl Alcohol

Methyl alcohol (Methanol) is a dangerous chemical compound that can cause serious harm to human health. The harms of methyl alcohol are as follows:


Methyl alcohol can turn into formaldehyde, a toxic compound, when metabolized by the body. Formaldehyde can cause serious irritation to the eyes, skin, respiratory tract and digestive system. Methyl alcohol poisoning can cause symptoms such as headache, dizziness, nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, and difficulty breathing.

Vision Loss and Blindness

Methyl alcohol poisoning can cause serious vision problems. Vision loss or even blindness may occur due to damage to the optic nerves.

Neurological Problems

Due to the neurotoxic effects of methanol, neurological problems may occur in case of poisoning. These may include dizziness, muscle weakness, loss of coordination, seizures, and loss of consciousness.

Respiratory Problems

Formaldehyde production can irritate the respiratory tract and cause lung problems during methyl alcohol poisoning.

Heart Problems

Methyl alcohol can cause heart rhythm disorders. In some cases, methyl alcohol poisoning can even cause heart failure.

Liver Damage

Methanol can cause liver damage, and this damage leads to deterioration of liver functions.

Kidney Problems

Methyl alcohol poisoning can have adverse effects on the kidneys and lead to kidney failure.


If a person poisoned by methyl alcohol is left untreated, he or she may die. The risk of death is higher, especially in cases of high methanol amounts or long-term exposure.

Particularly Dangerous in Children

Children may accidentally consume products containing methyl alcohol, which can cause serious poisoning. Therefore, methyl alcohol should not be kept in homes with children. If it needs to be stored at home for various reasons, it should definitely be kept out of reach of children.

Mixing with Drinking Alcohol

Methyl alcohol can be dangerous in cases of unconscious consumption as it can be mixed with drinking alcohols (ethyl alcohol). One of the most used substances in the production of illegal alcoholic beverages is methyl drinks.

For Which Sectors Is Methyl Alcohol Analysis Necessary?

Due to its structure, methyl alcohol can be used in many different sectors. Being easily accessible and useful is the biggest reason for preference. Sectors where methyl alcohol is commonly used are as follows:

Chemical Industry

Methyl alcohol is an important substance in the production of various chemical products in the chemical industry. In this sector, the purity and quality of methyl alcohol affects the quality and safety of products. Therefore, methyl alcohol analysis is widely used in the chemical industry. The amount of methanol and other ingredients in the products are important criteria for the permission of the products to be placed on the market.

Pharmaceutical Industry

In the production of medicines, the quality and purity of methyl alcohol is of great importance. Medicines are products taken directly into the human body. If they are used, all the chemicals and other substances in them mix with the body.

Alcohol Manufacturing

One of the situations in which methyl alcohol directly affects the human body is drinking alcoholic beverages. Therefore, the methyl alcohol content in alcoholic beverages is very important for human health.

Laboratories and Research Centers

Scientific research involves many applications that require methyl alcohol analysis. Chemistry, biochemistry and pharmaceutical research are frequently used fields for methyl alcohol analysis.

Energy Sector

Methyl alcohol can be used in biomass energy production. Energy producers analyze methyl alcohol to check its quality.

Why is Methyl Alcohol Analysis Important?

Methyl alcohol analysis is very important for many different reasons. But the most important reason for this analysis is that it is harmful to the human body.

Methyl alcohol can cause serious poisoning when consumed accidentally or maliciously. Therefore, it is important to find out whether methyl alcohol has been mixed into food products or beverages.

In industrial and commercial applications, the purity and quality of methanol affects product quality. For this reason, the analysis is carried out to ensure the compliance and safety of the products with the standards.

In the production of methyl alcohol, analysis is used for process control. This helps prevent unwanted contaminants or quality problems in advance.

If methyl alcohol is used as a raw material in chemical and pharmaceutical production, analysis is applied to determine the quality of the raw material.

Where is Methyl Alcohol Analysis Done?

Methyl alcohol analysis is usually performed in specific laboratories or analytical chemistry centers. These laboratories are equipped with expert staff and advanced analytical equipment. Additionally, industrial facilities have their own analysis laboratories to control and monitor the quality of their products.

We perform methyl alcohol testing in our fully equipped laboratories equipped with state-of-the-art devices. We also offer methyl alcohol diagnosis and determination studies for quality control purposes. Tests and analyzes carried out taking into account globally accepted criteria and standards are completed in a short time by our staff.

You can contact our customer services for a methyl alcohol test kit, analysis methods and more.

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