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"Gluten Free in Cosmetics" Analysis for Celiac Patients

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  • "Gluten Free in Cosmetics" Analysis for Celiac Patients

It is known that consuming gluten-containing products, especially for Celiac patients, causes health problems. In this sense, cosmetic products may pose a risk also for celiac patients in terms of gluten.

Although gluten is not absorbed directly from the skin, problems may arise for people with gluten sensitivity by ingesting such products or absorbing products containing high gluten from wounds on the skin.

Gluten can be found in cosmetics through gluten-containing oils. Therefore, recently, gluten-free cosmetic products have been introduced to the market.

Manufacturers with this type of "gluten-free" claim must have a gluten test done for these claims. Consumers should also request this test report from the manufacturers for this type of product they purchase.

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