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GMO-Free Analysis in Cosmetics

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  • GMO-Free Analysis in Cosmetics

Genetically modified organisms; These are organisms produced by using various techniques of genetic engineering, capable of multiplying on their own and transferring genetic material.

One of the main reasons for GMO production is to reduce costs and increase productivity. Although organic farming is difficult and expensive, GMO plants are low cost.

Many plant extracts and plant extracts are used in cosmetics. There is no application or regulation regarding GMOs or not. The 10531 Biosafety law on GMOs does not cover medicine and cosmetics.

While GMO inspections are carried out strictly for food products coming from our country, since biosecurity law does not cover cosmetic products, there is no counter audit or sanction for the presence of GMOs in cosmetic products.

Since certified organic cosmetics should not contain GMOs; it is known that these products do not have GMOs. If consumers want GMO-free products in their products, they should prefer GMO-free products or organic certified products.

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