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Hazards That May Occur in Pool Waters

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  • Hazards That May Occur in Pool Waters

These days when the summer season begins, swimming pools are reopened for use.

Swimming pools appear as an environment where microorganisms can easily reproduce. Many different substances such as disinfectants, algae inhibitors, filters and surface cleaners are used in swimming pools to prevent such problems from occurring.

If the pool is not disinfected at a sufficient level, microbial infections, especially fungal and amoebic dysentery, may occur. In addition, high levels of chlorine, etc. substances used for disinfection can cause health problems such as redness and burning of the eyes, asthma and allergies.

That is why, chemical and microbiological analyzes of the swimming pool should be done regularly as ong as it is open. The results of chemical analyzes such as temperature, pH, free chlorine and the latest analysis of the microbiological properties of the water should be kept in a place where swimmers can see it.

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