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Heavy Metal Analysis in Pharmaceutical Industry

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  • Heavy Metal Analysis in Pharmaceutical Industry

As in every field of the industry, many analyzes are carried out in the Pharmaceutical Industry for quality control, whether the production is suitable for the desired properties. Most of these analyzes involve instrumental methods and are performed with devices such as HPCL, GC and ICP.

In the specifications to be determined by the manufacturer, such as the amount of metal to contain the final product or the absence of heavy metal, the analysis of both raw material and semi-finished product and final product; control can be provided. A contamination of the raw material itself and of the process equipment during production; the desired values ​​may not be obtained in the final sample. Therefore, the situation can be monitored with the controls to be made at certain steps of production; intervene where necessary.

We perform all kinds of heavy metal analysis with our Perkin Elmer ICP-OES device. At the same time, we provide all kinds of technical support by conducting R & D studies of new methods that will come from you.

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