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Nowadays, waste water is the main cause of environmental pollution. Pollution of lakes, seas, rivers and groundwater is caused by waste water.

Because the waste water contains biological and chemical substances that seriously harm the health of humans and animals. Wastewater containing heavy metal compounds, radioactive wastes, cyanides, solvents and hydrocarbons increases as the population grows.

Heavy metals, which cause various toxic effects on all living things, cause the decrease in the number of fish species. In addition, heavy metals that accumulate in the food chains of humans and animals threaten the lives of living things in this way. Arsenic, lead, copper, zinc, barium, cadmium, nickel, iron, silver, mercury, chlorine, chromium, tin, boron, manganese, molybdenum, aluminum, antimony and thallium are the major elements of heavy metals.

Among these, lead, mercury and cadmium are most toxic. At the same time, these three elements are the heavy metals that damage the living things the most. Heavy metals with strong harmful effects, such as damage to organs and tissues, must be tested and whether they are present in water or waste water.

In all living organisms, the determination of heavy metal which has poisoning effect can be determined by various analyzes. In our fully equipped accredited laboratory, heavy metal testing can be done quickly and the test result can be reported. You can contact us for more information.

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