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Horse and Donkey Meat in Meat and Meat Products

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  • Horse and Donkey Meat in Meat and Meat Products

Meat has an important place among nutrients of animal origin in terms of nutrition. Meat is an important source of protein. It also contains lipids, mineral substances and vitamins (complexes A and B) significantly.

The high economic value of meat and meat products increases adulthood in these products. For economic, health and religious reasons it is important to detect adulteration in foods.

Especially meat and meatballs prepared from minced meat and so on. In order to determine whether horse or donkey meat is mixed in ready-made foods, “Horse and Donkey DNA” analysis is performed in our laboratory with Real Time PCR. Samples for which we have performed DNA isolation with Surefood Prep Animal X kit for isolation are analyzed in Real time PCR with Sure Food Animal ID Horse kit. Our limit of detection is 5 copies.

The analysis of horse and donkey DNA analysis is within the scope of TS EN / ISO 17025 TÜRKAK accreditation and is performed by us accredited.

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