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How clean is the water you drink from the dispenser ?!

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  • How clean is the water you drink from the dispenser ?!

Dispensers are frequently used in workplaces, schools, homes, hospitals to quickly prepare hot water with tea, coffee and to meet general water requirements.

However, when the water dispensers are not cleaned at regular intervals, microbial contamination may occur.

There is a risk of biofilm formation in water which is waiting for a long time in the dispenser. Biofilm formation promotes the rapid growth of the number of microorganisms, which can then lead to the growth of pathogenic microorganisms.

If the dispenser is not cleaned effectively, pathogenic microorganisms such as E. coli and enterococcus, which should not be present in the water, will grow; may cause infection in people who consume water.

Especially in areas such as schools, hospitals and workplaces, human-caused pollution may also occur. When receiving water from the dispenser, microbiological contamination may occur as a result of contact of the dispenser with the dirty hands to the part where the water flows.

Another source of pollution is the placement of the carboys in the dispenser without cleaning the lid part and the pollution in the lid passes to the water to be used.

The environment of the dispensers is also important. Dispensers should not be placed near trash and similar sources of pollution with organic waste to prevent possible cross contamination.

As a result, the microbiological suitability of the water in the dispensers should be analyzed microbiologically in certain periods and dispenser disinfection should be performed effectively.

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