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Hygiene and Sanitation of Building at Schools

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  • Hygiene and Sanitation of Building at Schools

Hygiene and Sanitation is the sum of the necessary practices for the protection and maintenance of our health.

It is of great importance to prevent diseases that may arise from collective living spaces, to create a healthy environment for everyone and to determine the cleaning disinfection rules to be followed, to make controls on the application of these rules, and to ensure that cleanliness is performed effectively and correctly.

Hygiene and sanitation are even more important, especially for our school-age youth and children. It is very important for the correct application of hygiene and sanitation for the destruction of microorganisms in the environment and the reduction of the viruses causing certain levels.

In addition to correct cleaning in schools, the training of cleaning personnel is of great importance. Training of the cleaning personnel about the stages of the cleaning, the chemicals they use and the properties of the equipment should be completed. In order to avoid cross-contamination of the equipment to be used during cleaning, identification should be made and the cleaning equipment of each department and unit should be kept separately.

In schools, in order to ensure the continuity of hygiene and sanitation, renewing the ambient air in certain periods, sampling from row and chair surfaces, carpet surfaces, taking samples from the door handles, siphon buttons, toilet seats, toilet seats, dressing and shower rooms in common areas (toilet, dressing and shower rooms). , canteen or kitchen) in the areas of use in accordance with the requirements of the regulations of the water analysis, cleaning and disinfection of personnel working for the hand surface sampling is required.



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