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Importance of Accredited Analysis

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  • Importance of Accredited Analysis

ISO 17025 laboratory accreditation has become a sine qua non today. ISO 17025 is no longer a distinguishing feature of laboratories in today's conditions. It is now a distinctive feature that the analysis is accredited as well as laboratory accreditation.

Accreditation of the analysis requires further processing for that analysis.

For example, proficiency tests are taken for each accredited analysis. The accuracy of the analysis is checked by proficiency tests.

In addition, the accuracy of the analysis with internal quality control forms is carried out in certain periods.

Instruments used for analysis must be calibrated.

Furthermore, the most important difference between the accreditation and non-accreditation of an analysis is that a validation study and calculation of measurement uncertainty are made for that analysis.

Validation and measurement uncertainty studies reveal a more conclusive result about the accuracy, precision and suitability of the analysis for that analysis.

The accredited analysis indicated above should also be detailed in terms of personnel competencies and personnel requirements.

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