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Importance of Equipment Cleaning in Food Production

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  • Importance of Equipment Cleaning in Food Production

In food production areas, auxiliary equipment is used to facilitate the work done during production. The equipment helps us to save time and muscle strength in some areas and more hygienic in some areas, so many different equipment is used at every stage of production. With the developing technology and economic conditions, the number of equipment used in food production areas is increasing day by day.

Food products that come into contact with different equipment at every stage of production are ensured by being hygienic, ensuring that the working environment is in compliance with hygienic conditions and of course ensuring that the equipment in contact with food is cleaned. The equipment to be used should be kept in clean areas reserved for themselves, away from contamination. They should be periodically cleaned in their areas.

Among the equipment used are those with flat surfaces, which are easy to clean, and with recessed surfaces that allow food to accumulate and make cleaning difficult. Care should be taken to clean such equipment that is difficult to clean, and should be carefully cleaned. Microbiological activity will increase with food residues on uncleaned or uncleaned surfaces. Although the results of this activity can be perceived as sensory at times, there is often no visible finding. This may cause food poisoning indirectly without cleaning or re-using equipment that has not been effectively cleaned.

Microorganisms can directly affect human health and threaten human health with the toxic substances they produce. As their lives end at high temperatures, the toxic substances they produce remain unchanged. Therefore, when a toxic substance is produced, no matter how high the temperature applied, food poisoning cannot be prevented. As a precaution, equipment should be classified as dirty after use at all stages of production and separated for cleaning. It is necessary to clean the microorganisms without any time to produce toxic substances and remove the visible and unseen contaminants.

The equipment cannot be cleaned effectively during cleaning operations with less time and chemical application. Excessive use of chemicals will result in chemical residues on the equipment, leading to chemical poisoning. Cleaning should be carried out in the specified standards and quantities.

It should not be forgotten that not only many tools that we think facilitate our work, but also our health. By paying attention to all these issues, we can protect ourselves and the health of the people around us and produce reliable foods.


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