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Importance of Hygiene Sanitation Inspection in Food Safety

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  • Importance of Hygiene Sanitation Inspection in Food Safety

Since it is difficult to individually control whether the food we consume is produced under hygienic conditions, hygiene-sanitation inspections are carried out by authorized institutions in production facilities.

Establishments established for food production must have hygienic conditions in every area that comes into contact with food.

It should keep every step of the business under control, from receiving goods to storage, from production to shipment. Every transaction must be recorded in certain periods.

The personnel working on the production line should be trained on hygienic production, and they should be employed in production after the necessary health checks are carried out.

A "HACCP control form" should be created by determining the critical points of the foodstuff with a high risk of contamination.

In the hygiene-sanitation inspection, the measures taken by the enterprise, the steps applied, the controls made and the accuracy of the records kept are evaluated within the framework of the "TS EN ISO / IEC 17020 Standard" and reported with the hygiene-sanitation inspection.

In the report prepared as a result of the inspection, the enterprise sees the application errors and deficiencies and can take the necessary actions for the necessary regulatory activities.

It is possible to minimize errors by performing hygiene-sanitation inspections periodically by the business.

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