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Importance of Microbiological Quality of Water in Catering Companies

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  • Importance of Microbiological Quality of Water in Catering Companies

All catering companies are obliged to ensure that the microbiological quality of their products complies with the Turkish Food Codex Regulation on Microbiological Criteria.

For this, both raw materials used in food, both personnel working in production and production equipment must be microbiologically appropriate.

One of the most important criteria to ensure the microbiological suitability of the products produced by catering companies is water. The microbiological quality of water is important both for the products produced and for the hygiene of equipment such as glasses, forks and knives offered to customers.

Waters used in catering companies must comply with the Regulation on Water for Human Consumption. According to this regulation, total coliform bacteria, Escherichia coli and Enterococcus bacteria should not be found in drinking-potable water.

Since these bacteria are disease-causing bacteria, they multiply rapidly, increasing the pollution level of water and causing various diseases when consumed.

When these bacteria are detected in the analyzed drinking-potable water samples, it is recommended that these waters should not be consumed and not used in production. Due to the microbiological pollution of water in catering companies, there may be mass food poisoning or similar complaints.

In order to avoid such complaints, microbiological analyzes of the water should be carried out periodically and thus the microbiological quality of the water should be monitored regularly.

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