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Importance of Personnel Hygiene Analysis in Food Production

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  • Importance of Personnel Hygiene Analysis in Food Production

Personnel in food production should pay attention to hand hygiene in accordance with personal hygiene rules, especially during the preparation of foodstuffs such as salads, desserts that are offered for direct consumption, and it is recommended to use gloves during preparation or portioning.

The personnel working in the production stage are critical. Staff poses a serious risk, especially for Staphylococcus aureus. The most important source of transmission of S.aureus is human. 30% of the people in the world are carriers of S.aureus. Therefore, employees should be checked for S.aureus periodically.

Another important bacteria for the personnel is E.coli. E. coli, in particular, is an indication of good washing of hands. E.coli, a fecal-derived bacterium, can be found in hygienically non-washable hands, resulting in cross-contamination of the product as a result of personnel contact with food.

Hygiene checks must be carried out in personnel who are in direct contact with food during the food production stage. Both E.coli and S.aureus analyzes should be performed in these controls.

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