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Importance of Supplier Audits to Catering Companies

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  • Importance of Supplier Audits to Catering Companies

Catering companies are required to conduct audits based on certain criteria to determine the quality of the service they use and the product they receive from suppliers.In this sense, catering companies should assure themselves by determining their expectations from suppliers in purchasing contracts, and they should follow up with audits whether these expectations are met or not.

In supplier audits, it should be ensured that the strengths of the supplier are improved while the weaknesses of the supplier are improved.

In supplier audits, subjects such as operating conditions, infrastructure conditions, quality standards and practices, personnel practices, process and flow are discussed. As a result of the audit, suppliers that meet certain quality standards are also evaluated as suitable for the company.

In the next process, it is added to the "Approved Supplier List" in accordance with the company's quality procedures, so that the process progresses faster by the company and the supplier. The accuracy of the information known about the supplier company is checked as a result of the audit.

Inspections create competition among suppliers and reduce quality and costs. It contributes to the continuation of the company's quality standards and even to the increase of quality.

For these reasons, supplier audits should be carried out at regular intervals by company officials and/or expert audit/supervision team.

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