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Importance of Vitamins and Trace Elements in Premixes

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  • Importance of Vitamins and Trace Elements in Premixes

Vitamins are complex organic compounds and may cause significant losses in their activation. Moisture, pressure, temperature, light, oxidation and reduction, bitterness, trace elements, pH, interactions with other vitamins, substances used as carriers and additives are among the factors affecting the amount of vitamins.

At the same time, the abrasion during the mixing process and the storage conditions of the sample can affect the amount of vitamins in the premixes, in which case the expected vitamin values ​​in the samples may be different.

Deviations in the results of the analysis, the importance of vitamin quality, the properties of the carriers used, coating of vitamins (spraying or other methods), the use of antioxidant and other resistant compounds, improving the processing properties of vitamins such as fluidity and good mixing, even if the modification of products to reduce dust analysis deviations may be observed.

In addition, the analysis result of each parameter in the mixture; It can vary according to the analysis methods used, sampling methods and the miscibility of the products in premix mixes. Therefore, it is necessary to carry out the necessary controls by performing vitamin and trace elements analyzes both in the premix itself and in the samples prepared by mixing in certain ratios; In case of an inconvenient situation, it is necessary to intervene where necessary and correct the situation.

You can reach our laboratory at for all your information and questions about vitamin analysis (especially Vitamin A) and trace element analyzes in premixes and premixed products.

Büşra Gökdemir

Chemical Engineer

Saniter Laboratory Chemistry Department Head


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