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Lead - Cadmium - Mercury - Arsenic Analysis in Cosmetics

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  • Lead - Cadmium - Mercury - Arsenic Analysis in Cosmetics

Heavy metals come from paints and raw materials used in cosmetic products for many reasons, especially for giving color and shine.

Topics such as which heavy metals should not be present in cosmetics - level of limits should be defined with the Guide for Heavy Metal Impurities in Cosmetic Products.

The limit values of heavy metals in cosmetics are as follows according to this manual:

Lead: 20 ppm, Arsenic: 5 ppm, Cadmium: 5 ppm, Mercury 1 ppm, Antimony 10 ppm.

Acceptable limit values for toothpastes are lower:

Lead: 1 ppm, Arsenic: 0.5 ppm, Cadmium: 0.1 ppm, Mercury 0.2 ppm, Antimony: 0.5 ppm.

Cosmetic manufacturers should have their products analyzed against heavy metal risk.


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