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Legionella Danger in Shopping Centers, Offices and Business Centers

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  • Legionella Danger in Shopping Centers, Offices and Business Centers

Legionella spp. proliferates, especially in water systems.

Legionella can cause disease by spreading from the cooling systems of hotels, offices, shopping centers with cooling towers, cooling towers, taps, sprinklers used for garden irrigation, in short, water systems of such places.

The number of inhaled bacteria and duration of contact are important factors in the severity of the disease.

It causes the disease in 2 different clinical ways...

The first occurs with flu-like symptoms. It starts with fever and muscle pains. Heals spontaneously within a week without treatment.

If it is more severe, Legionnaires' Disease develops. Especially in people with low immune system, it causes disease as a causative agent of atypical pneumonia and the risk of death varies between 5-30%.
Legionella causative bacteria enter the body, the onset of symptoms is between 2-10 days. Legionnaires' disease usually begins with general complaints such as fever, weakness, dry cough, muscle and headache, and the condition gradually worsens. Diagnosis of atypical pneumonia is made by making a lung film.

Legionella risk, especially hotels, shopping center enterprises, large office and business center management, have taken the necessary measures, controls and Legionella analysis should be done periodically.

Employees or occupants in areas with such closed system ventilation must also warn the building management against the risk of Legionella

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