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Legionnaires' disease was first described in 1976 at the American Legionnaires Congress in Philadelphia as a result of an outbreak of patients staying at the hotel.

Legionella spp. Reproduces in water / ventilation systems;

Large buildings, hotels, hospitals, business and shopping centers, nursing homes, kindergartens / kindergartens, schools and so on. places, cooling tower air conditioning systems, shower heads, taps, jacuzzis, baths, sprinkler used for garden irrigation, hospitals, respiratory equipment is spread by spreading into the air.

It occurs as a result of the bacteria in the water particles entering the body by breathing and settling in the lungs.

Legionella bacteria are found in three ways in the environment:

In water, in free state,
In blue-green algae, amoeba and whip protozoa,
They live in biofilm.

Possible Sources of Legionella Cases are as follows:

Closed circuit hot and cold water systems,
Cooling Towers,
Water circulation systems,
Air humidifiers,
Air heating and cooling systems,
Buildings with complex water installations,

Legionella Surveillance and Risk Assessment stages in Operation Water / Ventilation Systems are as follows:

General information is obtained about the business.
Information about the operation water / ventilation is obtained.
Information about operation hot water is obtained.
Information about the fire extinguishing system.
If there is any information about the decorative pool and fountain.
Staff / guests are informed about showers and taps.
Information about routine maintenance and modifications in the operating water system is obtained.
Meetings and evaluations are held with the operational maintenance authorities and the authorities who have information about the installation.
If necessary, water and swab samples are taken from the sample areas with the help of technical personnel.
Shower, sink, room numbers and places etc. information.
Information about the number and location of the eye shower is available.
Information about the location and volumes of cooling towers and chiller system.
Information about the hot water boiler system.
Information about solar energy etc.
Information about fan coils and split air conditioners.
Information about the location and number of air conditioners in the business is obtained.
Information about the number of water storage places and volumes.
Information about the chemicals and methods used for disinfection.
For legionella analyzes, the number of samples and locations are determined.
Samples are taken from the points to be sampled according to the instructions
In water samples, pH, temperature and free chlorine are measured and recorded.

As a result of the information obtained for Leyonella Risk Assessment, sampling points are determined and water / swab samples are taken.

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