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Legionella Risk Control and Assessment

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  • Legionella Risk Control and Assessment

There is a risk of Legionella reproduction in all environments with closed system ventilation systems such as hotels, plazas and shopping malls.

For this type of ventilation and air conditioning systems, checks and maintenance should be carried out at least once a year.

Since the formation of stagnant water in the drainage channels as a result of the intensive operation of the air conditioning systems, the accumulation of water formed as a result of condensation in the ventilation channel fancoil pans, it may be necessary to use biocides in the drainage channels and fancoil pans in order to prevent Legionella reproduction. Coil surfaces inside air handling units must be cleaned or replaced periodically.

Cooling towers should be taken into maintenance at certain intervals, the whole system should be emptied and the sediment and pollution formed in the tower should be removed. Biofilm and lime layers that provide suitable conditions for the growth of Legionella bacteria on the inside of the tower should be removed.

With the "Legionella Risk Control and Assessment" service, the risk assessment of the company in terms of Legionella is carried out by us.


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