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Legionella Risk in Office and Smart Buildings

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  • Legionella Risk in Office and Smart Buildings

Legionella bacteria can be transmitted from cooling tower air conditioning systems, cooling towers and taps of all offices and smart buildings with closed system ventilation and can cause Legionnaires' disease.

The number of bacteria inhaled and the duration of contact are important factors in the severity of the disease.

Legionella effect which is the time from the bacteria entering the body to the onset of symptoms is between 2-10 days.

Legionnaires' disease usually begins with complaints such as fever, malaise, dry cough, muscle and headache, but it gets worse over time. Because it causes atypical pneumonia, the diagnosis is made by taking a chest x-ray.

Against the risk of Legionella, especially, office and smart building managements should take the necessary precautions, have them checked and perform Legionella analyzes at certain periods.

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