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Limits of Parabens Used as Preservatives in Cosmetics

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  • Limits of Parabens Used as Preservatives in Cosmetics

There are limitations on the amount of use of parabens in the "Cosmetic Regulation - Appendix 5 - List of Preservatives That Cosmetic Products May Contain".

Accordingly, the limit value for methyl paraben and its salts and ethyl paraben and its salts is specified as 0.4% (as acid) for single esters and 0.8% (as acid) for ester mixtures in "Reference No.12".

It is stated in "Reference No. 12a" that the sum of the individual concentrations and the concentrations of their salts for propyl paraben and its salts together with butyl paraben and its salts should not exceed 0.14%. (Same conditions apply for isobutyl paraben and isopropyl paraben)

For the mixtures of substances specified in lines 12 and 12a, the limit value is specified as maximum 0.8% (as acid). For hexamidine paraben, the limit value is stated as 0.1% in "Reference No47".

If paraben is used in cosmetic products, it should not be above these limits. However, according to "Reference No. 12a", butyl paraben and propyl paraben and their salts should not be used in no-rinse products prepared for application to the diaper area of ​​children under 3 years old.

For this reason, it should be noted that there is no "butyl paraben and propyl paraben" in products such as wet wipes used in the diapering area of ​​baby products, and the content information should be read carefully.

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